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Welcome to Clan Bell North America!

Clan Bell of North America (formerly Clan Bell International, Bell Family Association and other organizational designations going back +50 years.)

BELL "......This old West Marche Clan, one of the eight great riding families of the Scottish Border since the early 1100s, were retainers of the Great House of Douglas and also allied with the best border families through blood and friendship. Their land, cattle and sheep holdings were extensive, and to survive, they engaged in the "reiving" of the period and participated in many battles against the English. Declared "unruly" by the Scottish Parliament, many of the Clan emigrated to the Ulster Plantation of Northern Ireland after 1610. After William Bell, called Redcloak of Blackett House, chief of the Clan died in 1627/8, the chiefship became dormant. Without leadership, the Bells ceased to exist as a viable clan."

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