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Bell Beach Kilt

The Bell Beach Kilt (tm) in the Bell of the Borders tartan is a fun casual kilt that becomes almost "bespoke" with a few safety pins.
This kilt doubles as a 60 x 30 inch beach towel, and to show your Bell pride at Scottish games.
A kilt belt and sporran are displayed with the Bell of the Borders tartan for the look of a complete Scottish outfit. You can even read our "I Bier the Bel" clan motto on the buckle of the kilt belt!

The Bell Bookshelf CD (tm)

The Bell Bookshelf CD (tm) is an important resource for genealogy with a wealth of books about Bell history.

  • Books in The Bell Bookshelf (tm) include:
  • Bell Family in America   (William Clemens, 1913)
  • Bell Family Records   (J. M. Seaver, 1929)
  • Bells in the USA and Allied Families 1650-1977   (Getha Gina Bell, 1977)
  • The Bell Family in Dumfriesshire   (James Stuart, 1984)
  • Bells of St. Andrews   (Ward L. Ginn, 1999)
  • Clan Bell and the MacMillan Sept Claims   (Joseph L. Bell, 2019)
  • Coats of Arms with the Surname of Bell, Beall   (Ward L. Ginn, Jr, 2002)
  • Memorial of the Clan of the Bells   (Charles Davidson Bell, 1864)
  • Stone Church Bells - Augusta County, Virginia   (Harry E. Handley, 1895)

Clan Bell Men's T-Shirts

The Clan Bell Men's T-shirt is made by Gildan, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk with taped neck and shoulders and double-needle sleeves and hem.

Clan Bell Women's V-Neck Shirts

The Clan Bell Women's V-Neck shirt is made by Gildan, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk. It has a semi-fitted contoured silhouette with side seams.

Got Clan Bell?   -   More Ways to Show Your Bell Pride

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Kilts in Bell of the Borders Tartan

We recommend that you contact Atlanta Kilts to order a kilt in our beautiful Bell of the Borders tartan.
Atlanta Kilts has excellent customer service, good prices, and knowledgeable staff answer the phone during busness hours.
They offer our tartan in an Acrylic kilt for $79.95.
Their woolen kilt is made in Scotland.

Ladies may prefer a "Billie skirt" instead of a kilt because it adds fewer layers of fabric around their hips.

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